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Whisphers of a Princess :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0 The Purple Pendant :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0 Me, by Linda :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0 Goodbye Dear Friend, Goodbye :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 6
To a Man I Never Knew
In Memorandum to a Man I Never Knew
I never learned your name
Or the sound of your voice
I never learned what it was to have you hold me
But that wasn't really my choice
Maybe if you knew me
You could have helped
You could have been there
But it's too late now
Your time is through
You lived across the continent
Too far to hear how I cried
I wish I could have spoken to you
Before I heard that you'd died
Maybe if you knew me
You could have helped
You could have been there
But it's too late now
Your time is through
In my room I grew alone
Never close enough to look up to you
You were my uncle
Who I never knew
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
Always Watching :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
A New Beginning
Confused by the tempest
That is one's own soul
Lost in the fog
That is my mind
A lover torn from paradise
Surrounded by the wind
A friend found standing aside
Shrouded by the trees
Spinning through emotions
Wrapped up in thought
Finding something covered
With a sheer veil
A friend slightly hidden
Spared from the gale
A lover in disguise
Brought forth by the storm
It is a new beginning
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
Tetris Collage 2 :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 1 1 Tetris Collage 1 :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 1 The Demons in Our Heads :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 2
The Obsession
A never-ending desire
Flowing through every vein
Occupying every moment
Forcing me insane
Continuous doubts
Of what the world has to hold
Lost in the fringes of the fold
The world turns dark
Visions of every way
Every possibility arises
Ideas of all shapes and sizes
Invading my mind
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
Why can't I see the beauty in a sunset?
Why do I feel so down when everything is right?
Why don't I have faith in others?
Why can't I believe the lie?
How do others live,
Knowing that the world is all a sham
A front for the horror of the human soul
Why can't I feel the warmth of a sunbeam?
Why don't I feel the truth in a hug?
Why don't I see the person behind the eyes?
Why can't I see the world the way they do?
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
The Faceless Void :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 1 0
Back to the Basics
It feels so good to be so attracted to you
To hear your voice
To watch you smile
Back to the basics
Back to the passion
Back to my desire for you
I've missed you these long months
But I will be with you soon
But I will hold you close
Back to the basics
Back to the passion
Back to my desire for you
I strayed during our time so far apart
I didn't see our future
I didn't see my heart
Back to the basics
Back to the passion
Back to my desire for you
You can't believe how elated I am
Just to know I will soon be with you
Just to know I will soon hold you
Just to know I will soon kiss you
Back to the basics
Back to the passion
Back to my desire for you
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0
Mature content
Please Help Me ... :iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 2
Wacked Out Reoccurring Dream
I was being chased by the aliens ... I knew they would come for me with their white skin and oval heads with no hair or features.  It's really weird to be hunted by something that had no eyes, ears, nose or mouth.  I knew they were coming because they had played with my medication.  They had added pills to make me wonder how many I had taken.  I had to warn the others.  Everyone was on their wooden bunk and listened to my speech, but it was too late.  The aliens were there.  We ran in all directions and I knew I would escape, after all this had happened so many times before.  I ran to the department store of my dreams.  The streets around it seem to have the feel of the streets in Montréal, there's people everywhere who mind their own business and ignore every running person, there's cars everywhere the eye can see, the sounds of crowds of people and the smell of a hundred foods mixing in the air.
:iconwarringsoul:warringsoul 0 0

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Yep, don't have anything to say, but I wanted to put that up ... Wow my life is boring, but at least I'll get ice cream on my sixtith birthday.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Ottawa
Favourite genre of music: Musical
Favourite style of art: Impressionist / Philisophical
Operating System: Windows
Wallpaper of choice: made by a friend
Favourite cartoon character: Bedtime Bear, Gir
Personal Quote: If you don't stay dead and burried I'm going to feed you to the birds!


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